Postcards In The Air (plus Star Wars)!



I recently joined Postcrossing, which I believe brings people around the world together, albeit in a small way, but still it gives one a satisfactory feeling to receive mail from across around the world.

A name is randomly selected for you to send and with each postcard sent, a random user will send a postcard to your mailbox. The featured book postcard is going to the Czech Republic.

The hardest problem is finding postcards, and though people have picked up a few for me on vacation and I went to the Texas Treasures at the mall to pick up a few, they are quite hard to find locally. I found the one in the picture on a site called Listia, but the cards there can go outrageously high.

I recently bought a Star Wars themed box of 100 postcards on Amazon, but they are quite large. I’m a little scared to send them, since I’m not sure how much more it will cost.          I’m not too upset though, since I love all things Star Wars.


This is the box the postcards came in, and it’s open on this side so it can act as a picture frame.

I plan to show all the future postcards I send and receive.

Sbohem teď! Which means Goodbye for now!

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