Police Wanted to Search My Car


About a month ago, two of my daughters were closing at work and I drove over to give them a ride home. During the summer, Sonic closes at twelve, but they were late finishing, and we left the restaurant at one.

We proceeded to 7-11, and  I noticed a police car parked in the next space over while another one drove into the parking lot. I had no idea I was their target until I noticed flashing lights after I left.

They took the regular info, and asked me to move to the back of my car to talk to them, and at that point they asked to search my car.

I believe in my rights as a U.S. citizen to say no to a search unless there is a warrant present. I read an article about what to say in a situation such as this, and I told them NO!

I spoke with respect and courtesy, explaining  I had an excessive amount of esteem for the police, and I wasn’t trying to be difficult, but I believed in my rights and I would not grant any right to search my car.

They appeared a little surprised, but continued to ask if there was anything illegal in the car such as guns, bombs or drugs. I almost laughed at the thought of myself carrying around bombs or anything illegal, and I assured them that we were just heading home.
They stated the reason for pulling  me over was my tail light was out and said to correct the problem expeditiously, and I was free to go.

My daughter’s boyfriend was in the car, and he looks a little gruff to some people, since he has a beard and long hair, yet he is such an amiable human being. Perhaps, they assumed he was a criminal hiding in my back seat. It’s the only theory I have besides the assumption that crime was low that night and they were bored.


I felt as if I was in an episode of Cops, so it was a little exciting, and the officers came to the right conclusion since the law was on my side. Of course, if they decided to search my car I wouldn’t have tried to stop them, but I was going to get a lawyer and sue.

I wish cops all over the world would act in this manner. They forget that it’s never their job to punish, since this is the job for the court system. It’s never their job to bring harm to others unless that someone is hurting others (including themselves). It’s never their job to abuse their power, and those who do should be dealt with swiftly. For the most part, I am grateful they are there to serve and I believe most really have the public’s best interest at heart.




  1. It is the same here and in Italy a quota to fill and as a result a lot of wasted time for you.I am usually fun of cops but I can’t help but been nervous around them…….must be my criminal conscience 😂


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