Stamp Geek Strikes Again


I love and adore postcards, and I also must admit, I’m a stamp geek. I know stamps aren’t exactly art, but in my mind they have a unique category in art (also in history) all their own.
My OCD wants me to write about every stamp in existence, and if they find a serum that makes us live forever, I could do that. For now, I will just write about them in a more moderate approach.

In 1901, six stamps were issued in a commemorative set observing the first day of the Pan-American Exposition, which was the name of the World’s Fair, set in New York.
The fair and the stamps celebrated some of the cool innovations invented in America, old and new, at that time.

The six inventions revered in the set are:
*The Train (the empire state express)
*A Lake Steamer (The City of Alpena)
*A Steamship (St. Paul passenger ship)
*The Electric Automobile
*Bridges (Honeymoon bridge at Niagara Falls)
*Canals (Canal locks at Sault Ste. Marie)

Today, not many people would get that excited about canal locks or steamships, but at the time, this was engineering at it’s finest. Though, it’s funny that the electric automobile has made a comeback after 116 years.

He looks as if he never smiled a day in his life.

One more item about the fair, our 25th president, William McKinley, was shot five days later after giving a speech on the grounds and soon died. Teddy Roosevelt became our 26th president and the rest is history.

I was sad to find out he shot an elephant, since the teddy bear is named after him for not shooting a chained bear.


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