Lady Gaga’s Words of Wisdom


I recently wrote an article on my postcard site concerning Lady Gaga.

In the post, I added the above Lady Gaga video. Though, I’m not a fan of her music (since I will always love rock and alternative rock), but the words she speaks are what every American and essentially what every human on our planet should adopt as their mission statement.

I grew up in a time when people were judged harshly,  and humans were stuffed into a box as to their rights or to their abilities (such as women, homosexuals, minorities, or the person who might dress, think, or act differently). I had considerable expectations that the future would hold immense promise of respect for the ideas of those we disagree with.  This doesn’t signify that you embrace their philosophy of life, yet you agree with their rights to embrace their own uniqueness.

Lady Gaga says, that we’re all in small groups hating other small groups, and this needs to stop. We need to treat each other with kindness, and I believe we need to treat each other with true tolerance.

So the question is, “who can I be kind to, today?” Or more importantly, “who can I be kind to, that I completely disagree with?”

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