Dr. Death~~1945~~TV


It’s remarkable that television appeared this early in the game (of life). Radio was the prevalent form of media entertainment in the 40’s, but apparently in 1945 there were ten thousand TV sets in the US. This was The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for those few that owned a set, though the cabinet was a significantly cumbersome box with a limited viewing window.


What would the people, who possessed this early archaic equipment, think of our 4K flat screens of today? In 75 years, humans will ask themselves what people of 2018 would conclude of their latest technology. It’s exciting to contemplate the future equivalent of smart phones, virtual reality and computers, and all the items unknown to us.

Dr. Death was a four part miniseries in the year 1945. This may have been the first mini-series in television US history, though sadly the film is long lost along with all the information concerning the story line.
We can only speculate on the extreme evil that Dr. Death perpetrated. Maybe, he was a doctor who was a serial killer, a man who meted out an extensive amount of shots, or an evil Hyde persona–we may never know.


This was the beginning of a new world of couch potatoes–plus munchies, missing quality family time and lack of exercise became our reality.
Our lives would be completely different today without the amazing idiot box (what my father called it), though the rewards of knowledge are endless.



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