Endangered Animals


What if you saw an animal about to die and you could save it with some effort on your part–would you save it or look the other way and go on about your life?

Except for those who work tirelessly for endangered animals, every person on earth looks the other way while entire species are disappearing from our planet. I’m guilty of this also, yet I’m constantly amazed everyone isn’t doing more to help.
The three main reasons for their endangerment is hunting, habitat loss and pollution through chemicals and pesticides. If these three activities were stopped, then the problems would lessen substantially.

What can you do to help?



  1. Write those in power, congress, presidents or whoever is in charge of your country.
    Once, I found a list of the richest people in the world and emailed many of them to step up and help. I’m not sure if they even know my mail existed, but if we all wrote to them, then they may start to at least hear a whisper.10894602313_734fd8c4fc_z
  2. In America, buy “Save the Species” stamps. These stamps cost 15 cents more than regular stamps, but that entire extra amount benefits several different animal conservation funds.  Here’s a link to find out more:
  3. Of course, giving money to reputable organizations is a big plus. Thank God for people who haven’t given up and still endlessly work on behalf of all animals. These are just a very few in the long list of sites to visit, learn and give if possible.
  4. Let people know how critical the problem is. Ask your children’s school to bring awareness to the public through the students. Children love to help and they can come up with great ideas for fundraisers.

    Come up with an ingenious plan at work to for fundraising such as a fundraising war for the different departments, and the winners keep a small amount of the money for a nice lunch.
    At my last job, we had monthly raffles for nice presents that each department donated. The company kept half of the money for special occasions for all the workers and gave the other half to charity. It was so much fun, and we were allowed to leave our cubicles for an extra break to buy tickets and drop them in the slot for each prize we wanted.

    There are other ways to help, and here are a few sites that can give you ideas, and there are hundreds more on Google:

You can also write blogs similar to this one — send the message around the world. Maybe, one person might read about the problem and come up with a perfect solution because you helped spread the word.


This image is a Dodo bird that humans destroyed after sailors landed on their island and made quick work of clubbing them to death for fun and food. The last known bird died in 1662. Human’s haven’t stopped their deadly work since then.

Our Future

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  1. I drugged a baby seagull out from
    Under a parked car last year and brought it to the vet even if it was clear it would have not make it.it was on school lane ,all moms looked and point in distress for the poor animal but none of them stop and try to help him.

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