Book Quote from “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah

“It is easy to disappear when no one is looking at you.” ― Kristin Hannah~~2015

I must admit that I never read this book, so I’m unaware of the context it happens to wear in the story. This ambiguous quote leaves several interpretations to choose from, and here are a few that spoke to me.


(1) It would be effortless to disappear for someone living alone without family or friends, while becoming one of the lonely people of the world, such as Father McKenzie and Elanor Rigby.
Mother Teresa felt that loneliness was the worst poverty a person could feel. She called it The Most Terrible Poverty and believed it was worse than hunger.




(2) People may disappear from our sight when they are not interesting.
I’ve noticed the older I achieve in years, the higher potential people have of looking right through me compared to the attention I received when I was younger and prettier.
We are a world that loves youth and beauty. Sadly, those two attributes will flee from every person on earth as they age (though there’s profound beauty in our elderly–if time is spent to know them).

There are also people that work in the fringes of our vision who may disappear from our sight as Trivial backdrops. How often do people walk by fast food workers, repair(wo)men, maids, janitors, gardeners, homeless people or countless others without a thought?


(3) People disappear from sight in the interest of blending in with the crowd. They cringe from standing out in any capacity for fear of appearing foolish or somehow gaining everyone’s disapproval.

I’m very impressed by this picture from Pixabay and I’ve used it many times before.

The slightest behavior these days may gather a spotlight of censure to ourselves. People are ready to judge others without empathy or compassion, and labels of hate fly around without any concern of admonishment.


(4) Disappear from sight since no one knows the real person inside. Wearing a different mask for your family, work, church, friends, school and the world while trying to please everyone but yourself.

These are a few ideas that I came up with, but I do have some extra ones that may not really fit but were fun to think of:

Mutants who are invisible.
People who hide in shadows.
Standing behind a two way mirror.
Pretending to be a mannequin.
Standing in the fog.
Standing in an exhaust cloud from an old car.
Putting a paper bag over your head.
Possessing a precious ring.
Playing hide and seek, but don’t let others know about the game.
Worrying about your stapler.


Just as Blanche believed in the kindness of stranger–I believe that we all have the capacity to bring happiness to others just through a kind word or smile.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn

I also believe that with God through Jesus Christ, we will never be alone again.



All my pictures used are from pixabay.


  1. I think blending in is not always a bad thing. I wish I had blended in more in my younger days, it would have saved me a lot of heart ache. I was so loud and had a sense of humor that only I enjoyed because it was so silly. Every person in my life told me to be quiet, shut up, or explained I needed to calm down. Had I blended in more this would not have happened.

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