Resident Evil: The Final Chapter~~2017

Resident Evil is a Science Fiction series containing zombies and the ultimate evil corporation, the Umbrella Corporation (I’m not sure which is scarier–zombies or corporations). As the title states this may be the final chapter, yet at the conclusion of the movie, Alice states that her work isn’t over yet.

Here’s my five sentence review about, the sixth movie in the series, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Milla Jovovich is back as Alice, along with her friend Claire, and she’s ready to fight strong and kick ass against the extreme evil that surrounds her.

Dr. Alexander Isaacs has  many surprising “roles” that even he finds perplexing, which creates a fascinating outcome.


There’s still hoards of zombies to deal with, and Alice finds herself in several predicaments (at one point she’s chained to the back of an immense moving tank with an enormous legend of the dead following uncomfortably close behind her) that she invariably manages to escape.

The Red Queen reveals herself and discloses information about Alice’s childhood, which causes Alice to question her own existence.

Overall, I would bestow on this movie an 8–the writing’s proficient, the zombies are gross and scary, the story line is absorbing, the twists in the story are decent, the actors are talented, the directing is adequate and though it will never be considered a great movie, I still love it (in the words of Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty–“It’s Good”).

It received a 5.6 on IMDb and a 36 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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