Postcard to Little Rock, Arkansas~~7/29/18

I sent this postcard to Terry in Little Rock, Arkansas. There isn’t specific information on the back concerning the painter, so the recipient was kind enough to research the artist and found out his name is Harry Anderson.

It was one of the cards in a car series purchased on Amazon. They shipped from New Zealand, and though they’re appealing, they’re also a tad bit flimsy.
I read on Pinterest that Exxon paid for the paintings which are called “Great Moments in American Motoring.” He painted them in the 1960’s through the 1970’s.  Apparently sightseeing or “motoring” became popular in the 1920’s.

I took both car pictures from the actual postcards using Google Photoscan.

Here’s another one I sent from the series:



He also painted a multitude of Christian themes, and the next painting is one I recognize when I was a child. I’m uncertain if this was a framed painting at my church or if it appeared on one of my Sunday School lesson books.
The title’s is “What Happened to Your Hand.” This is a sweet depiction, since Jesus loved children in His time on earth and now in Heaven.



I was late mailing the card, so it arrived in 11 days and traveled 313 miles–a relatively condensed length to travel, since frequently my cards may travel beyond 5,000 miles.

Postcrossing is a Free site that allows people to connect around the world. Postcards sent from the US cost $1.15 to another country, and .37 cents in the US. Over 47,000,000 cards have arrived to their destinations, and we’re all excited to reach the 50,000,000 mark.
Here’s the site–please check it out:


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