Book Quote from “Red Queen”

“If you know someone’s fear, you know them.”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen~~2015

Is the quote correct or a string of meaningless words? The answer may be a true/false blend of disparate answers.

Someone, who’s afraid to bid for a promotion, may be in fear of failure, so we may comprehend they exhibit a lack of confidence?
What if someone’s mother is extremely ill, and the job title has an extensive amount of traveling–that person might fear leaving their mother when she’s in her greatest need.
What if a person feels contentment in their position, and fears a change will bring stress and regret into their satisfying life?

All three reasons involve fear, but some are more rational than others, so yes, we could learn about this person if  the exact reasoning of their thoughts were revealed.


What about fears of spiders and heights, which I suffer from? Everyone has a fear in this family of phobias (clowns, airplanes, elevators, germs, dogs, etc.)–even Indiana Jones is terrified of snakes.
We can’t discern a noticeable amount of information regarding his fear of snakes, instead it’s his words and actions that determine the person so well known and loved.

With this type of fear, the answer to the character of a person may never emerge.

Though, an evil person may thoroughly observe an individual enough to control them through their worst fears.
At the end of 1984, Winston is strapped to a chair facing a large cage of hungry rats, his worst nightmare. He’s told the cage will be lifted to his face, and the rats will hideously devour him. He immediately turns into a coward and screams that the love of his life should suffer this fate while he obtains freedom.
Big Brother knew his fear and in doing so–knew “him.”

My final answer is yes, it’s a true statement, and that’s rather sad.

Yet, I believe that our hope is in God through Jesus Christ, who knows our every thought and still loves us. That’s where I put my trust, but that’s not what the quote is about.



All pictures are free to use from Pixabay.



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