I Want To Go There⇒⇒⇒ Paarl, South Africa

Paarl is wine producing region in South Africa. It’s a city of 200,00 people, yet there’s a definite rural feel to the pictures I’ve seen.

It’s a city surrounded by enormous beautiful mountains just right for hiking.

Wikimedia  The mountain commanage, Paarlberg, Paarl, Western Cape. Granite Bosses. 05.JPG


This is one of the pictures of the Afrikaans language monument. You can see the beautiful view in the background.

Wikimedia  File:The Afrikaans Language Monument 21.JPG

Here is another picture of the monument. It has a very futuristic or alien world feel about it.

Wikimedia File:Afrikaans Language Monument.jpg


There are some amazing tourist updates for this region that will help with your trip. Click on the picture below to learn more.



I added the next picture for the chandeliers in the winery, because every good winery needs upscale lighting.

Wikimedia KWV Cellars – South Africa (2417712575).jpg


I would love to go there and visit the vineyards and just look at the beautiful mountain views.



The featured picture is Wikimedia File:Breda Winters Morning – panoramio.jpg


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