BBC~~A stitch In Time

The BBC is very generous in allowing various shows concerning history to air for free on YouTube. Apparently, the British love history, because there are so many wonderful videos to choose from.

A Stitch In Time is one of my favorites, though sadly it only aired 6 episodes. Hopefully, it will air more, but IMDb states that the show is a mini-series.
I love art, history and fashion, so I could watch this show all day and never tire of the subject matter.

The premise is to take a painting and recreate the fashion of one of the subjects featured. We can learn information about the art, the person and see how the garment is made.

The featured image is Marie Antoinette, and this dress is presented on one of the episodes. Though, it looks very simple, it wasn’t easy to make, and at the time, the dress and painting caused a major scandal.

The image was free to use from Wikimedia commons.

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