Junin Grebe~~Critically Endangered


Grebe’s are such a unique species of birds. They live on the water year round and are completely grounded, since along the way, they lost the ability to fly.
They have amazing mating rituals which last for days, and occasionally involves running on water, and are also known for their spectacular red eyes.

There’s only one small area that these birds can be found in the world and that’s Lake Junin in Peru.

Their numbers are dwindling rapidly, since there’re less than 300 Junin Grebes left on our planet, and some believe the numbers are lower, around 50.

Right now, they’re CR (critical) on the conservation status, and if things continue  they will soon reach EW (extinct in the wild).

One of the biggest causes of the problem are nearby mining plants, poisoning the water and depleting the water level for their operations.
There’s a conservation law in effect for these birds, though it’s not enough to keep them safe while mining operations are still fluent and active.

In a perfect world, all animals would be safe and kindly treated, but sadly we live on an imperfect earth–where greed is precedent.


Birdlife International can is a great place to donate:

Here are a few other sites to learn about this incredible bird:




Both pictures are free to use on Wikimedia commons.


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