Postcard From Taiwan~~8/1/2018

I absolutely love this random card I received from Yuan-Wei who lives in Taiwan.

The line at the bottom of the card states that this won first place in a Sony World photography competition, so how exciting for the person who created the picture.

I also like the basketball stamps on the back. In researching the stamps for this post, I found out they are 30 years old. Printed in 1988 along with two baseball stamps, the information states they were released to promote universal sports activities through Athletics Day.


This card traveled 7,696 miles and took 26 days to arrive in my mailbox.

I took both pictures in this post.

Postcrossing is a Free site that allows people to connect around the world. Postcards sent from the US cost $1.15 to another country, and .37 cents in the US. Over 48,000,000 cards have arrived to their destinations, and we’re all excited to reach the 50,000,000 mark.
Here’s the site–please check it out:

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