I Want To Go There⇒⇒⇒ Ha Long, Vietnam

Over the years, I’ve often seen the beautiful pictures of Ha Long Bay, and those little isles thrown around the bay are intriguing to the point of calling my name to come and visit.

People live on some of the islands, but Wikipedia states there are 1,969 islands and 40 are inhabited.
A significant amount of the population live on houseboats and the children here learn to swim as quickly as they learn to walk.


There are cruise ships that roam around the harbor among the fishing and house boats, or there are several lovely hotels featuring gorgeous views.
This is one of the boats in the picture below.


The people, food, attractions and the sunsets would make this a trip to remember.


All the pictures are free to use from Wikimedia commons, and there are a great deal more on the site.

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