1898 Stamp~~Farming in the West


At first glance, this 1898 two cent stamp appears to be compromised of a wagon train, but the wagons and horses are part of a threshing team.
It’s part of of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of nine different drawings and photos by famous artists.

The stamp is titled Farming in the West, which displays nearly one hundred threshers. Each wagon is attached to four horses, and this spectacular scene must have overwhelmed the senses with the excitement, smells, noise and dust.

At one time, neighbors advanced from farm to farm to thresh the fields, helping each other and creating an advantage for each farmer. Time was of the essence, and one terrific storm could destroy an entire season of work, creating the casualty of surrendering one’s farmstead, and deviating from wealth to poverty.


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In today’s economy, 2 cents from 1898 is worth 60 cents.
Currently, this stamp is worth 35 dollars in mint condition, but it’s available under 2 dollars for a used stamp in flawed condition. This is a reasonable amount for a stamp that’s 120 years old.


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