US Postage Stamp~~Valley Forge

My granddaughter has embraced the history of our founding fathers due to the musical Hamilton. This musical has sparked a love of history in her soul, which makes me very happy.
In fact, I could blow this stamp up to poster size and she would gladly put it on her wall, since she loves George Washington (though her favorite is Jefferson).

This stamp, featured George Washington looking up to God, was issued in 1928 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Revolutionary War. Sometimes, we may forget about the hardships of those that fought for our freedom from the beginning of our country (thankfully, soldiers still fight for our country today).

Washington and Lafayette

Valley Forge was a sad time for the soldiers due to the lack of resources and disease. I’ve read how the men didn’t have proper shoes and wound cloth around their feet for protection against the freezing cold.

George Washington was a Christian and stated that “It’s impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible.”
In fact, the writing on the stamp says In God We Trust.
I believe this to be an accurate quote, thought I’m not sure if those in power believe this to be a true statement.

Valley Forge today

I wish we could rise above war and violence, though I doubt that will ever happen while intolerance of those that think differently than we do and lack of empathy run rampant in our world.

Today, the stamp is worth 2.50 in mint condition (source–Mystic Stamp Company).

Two cents from 1928 in today’s money is 28 cents.

Today this penny is worth 20 cents to 13 dollars, depending on the condition.
A great place to find coins–

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