Weird Stories~~For What

I went to Walmart on the evening of New Years Eve (the 24 hour store hours remained the same for the holidays).
The store recently decided to rearrange all it’s wares, which involved my blundering around searching for items in their original spot and seeking the products in their new turf.

An employee approached and offered assistance, so I told her I was looking for deodorant.
She considered my request and asked, “for what?”
I never answered her–what could I possibly say? My thoughts suddenly turned irrational, “Was I sucked into some portal into another dimension where people use deodorant for behavior unforeseen? Was there a secret use for deodorant that everyone knew about except me? Did I comprehend the reason deodorant existed? Was this the real world?”

I stared at her for an undetermined length of time, while attempting to form an answer to her inquiry, when suddenly my daughter appeared. Her presence solved my dilemma, and I escaped the situation (I ran away).

Since the incidence, I’ve thought about the encounter and realized the situation is extremely humorous, so “For What” has evolved into my new catch phrase for 2019.

This incident is a reminder that weirdness surrounds us, and all we can manage is to stare and occasionally run away.

This is the portal I would gladly run to!

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