2008 US Stamps~~American Scientists

The four stamps issued in 2008 celebrate four American scientists. The reasons these four were chosen are unknown, yet they are deserving of this distinction.

Edwin Hubble, Linus Pauling and John Bardeen are three men who are entitled to the respect of a nation. I’ve enjoyed reading about their accomplishments and their awards, yet the person who interests me the most is Gerty Cori.

She is the first American female to win a Nobel prize in science (for her studies in glucose) in 1947. This was during a time when women could hardly attend medical school let alone become an honored scientist.
She should inspire every woman in the world–there’s nothing too difficult that they can’t accomplish.

“For a research worker the unforgotten moments of his life are those rare ones which come after years of plodding work, when the veil over natures secret seems suddenly to lift & when what was dark & chaotic appears in a clear & beautiful light & pattern.” Gerty Cori

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