Normally, the word “abandon” isn’t associated with hope filled nuggets of joy and sunshine.
Fathers abandon their children, and sadly the statistics show this frequently creates behavioral problems that follow the child throughout their lives. The statistics state there’s an increased chance of father neglected children to suffer from obesity, live in poverty, deviate towards drugs and alcohol, live a life of crime and end up in prison.
People who blame the mothers for these problems–blame the wrong person. Most mothers remain with their children, and even when they feel inferior they continue to perform to the absolute utmost of their abilities. Single mothers live in a difficult situation of worry and stress, which can effect even the most hopeful to become depressed, bitter and severe.
Please pray for single mothers and show kindness when possible.

There’s one Father who will never leave us and that is God, who sent His Son to give His life so we could have ours.

Other ways the word abandon comes into play:
Abandoned pets,
Abandoned projects,
Abandoned buildings,
Abandoned towns,
Abandoned lives (suicide),
Abandoned carts,
Abandoned people (homeless),
Abandoned ideas,
Abandoned domains,
Abandoned all reason,
Abandon all hope ye who enter here,
Abandoned dreams,
Abandoned zoos,
Abandoned theme parks,
Abandoned islands,
Abandoned babies.



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