Stamp Geek~~Mothers of America ~~1934

To honor all the Mothers of America for Mother’s Day of 1934, the post office issued a stamp featuring Whistler’s Mother, which is titled Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1 by James Whistler.
Wikipedia states this painting is the Victorian Mona Lisa, and soon many portraits followed the side profile fad.
She was 67 when she posed for the painting, and lived another ten years. The life expectancy for women at the time was 65 years old, and today it’s 78.
The link below states that our life expectancy has dropped significantly due to suicides and drug abuse deaths.

Three cents in 1934 is the equivalent of fifty-four cents today and since stamp prices have increased, the cost is comparable to the new fifty-five cent forever stamps.

Today, this stamp sells for fifty cents in mint condition.

Both images are free to use on Wikimedia commons.

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