Stamp Geek~~Winter Flowers~~2014

Once upon a time in a land far away (Texas), there lived a plant lover who had a Christmas Cactus she had nursed for many years in hopes that one day it would flower.
Finally, her dreams came true and the flowers burst forth which caused great happiness.
Sadly, the story ends in melancholy, for one day she went to her room for just a few minutes and when she came out all the flowers were destroyed and strewn about.
Psycho music played in her mind as she looked at the only person present in the room, her small son.
She asked what happened, and he looked at her with large innocent eyes and stated that he didn’t like those flowers, and in his mind he took care of the problem.
The good news is that the flower killer didn’t grow up to be a lunatic and turned out to be a very decent man.

When I started to write about these four stamps, I noticed that one was a Christmas cactus and I decided to write the above cheesy story about my son.
The four stamps feature winter flowers that help brighten a room during this gloomy season.


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