Stamp Geek~~First Transcontinental Railroad

We can only imagine how excited people felt when they could span the distance across America on a train. Before trains, horse power was the best transportation offered, but it was still slow traveling. Stagecoaches could only travel up to 70 miles a day, and when thousands of miles are in front of you–this wasn’t a speedy option.

The Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869, and the tracks were laid from the East and the West and met in the middle in Utah.
The featured stamp was issued in 1944 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of that memorable day.
In 1944, the public still traveled extensively by train, though air travel was becoming a more popular option. Only the wealthy could travel by air, passage from Boston to Los Angeles cost 4,500 dollars (adjusted for inflation) in the 1940’s compared to 450 dollars today. The flight lasted 15 hours with numerous stops, compared to 6 hours today.

This stamp can be bought for 50 cents in mint condition. It’s ironic that this stamp was issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary and this year it celebrates it’s 75th birthday.

East meets West when the tracks meet up.

Both images are from Wikimedia commons.

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