Stamp Geek~~3¢~~1958~~ Gardening – Horticulture

For some people, one aspect supporting their suspicions that postage stamps emerge as a dull category are the subject matters of each stamp, and horticulture isn’t a subject that normally brings tears of excitement to a dry eye.
To propound the blandness, concerning this stamp, is that it honors Liberty Hyde Bailey, a renowned horticulturist born in the 19th century. In 1903, he created the American Society for Horticultural Science, and had an ample influence in this field through teaching and writing. I consider his life’s work interesting, yet others may not.
I almost disregarded the significance of this stamp, but it’s part of history, plants and trees are fascinating, and the drawing is quite cool.

This stamp sells for 50 cents in mint condition on the Mystic stamp site, and the first day cover (below) sells for 2.50.
Today, 3 cents from 1958 is equal to .28 cents.


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