My Zombie Self!

I love so many things in life: God through Jesus Christ, my wonderful family, history (especially ancient history and the middle ages) sociology, music, art and artists, architecture, oceans, movies, stamps, laughing over inside jokes, the smell of freshly mowed grass, a nice fire on a freezing day, a cool breeze on a hot day, the two hundred billion galaxies, writing, beautiful clouds (especially at sunset), thunderstorms (the louder the better–it’s free entertainment), baby goats and sheep, reading books about aliens, zombies and contagions, plus I love classic books–George Elliot (Mary), Jane Austen, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie–so many writers, so little time.

My biggest disappointments in this life have to do with endangered animals, children without someone to love them (especially those in the foster system), poverty, violence, and the way we as humans, judge each other and label each other without feeling respect and compassion for those that are different than us.