Batman V Superman

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Lady Gaga’s Words of Wisdom


I recently wrote an article on my postcard site concerning Lady Gaga.

In the post, I added the above Lady Gaga video. Though, I’m not a fan of her music (since I will always love rock and alternative rock), but the words she speaks are what every American and essentially what every human on our planet should adopt as their mission statement.

I grew up in a time when people were judged harshly,  and humans were stuffed into a box as to their rights or to their abilities (such as women, homosexuals, minorities, or the person who might dress, think, or act differently). I had considerable expectations that the future would hold immense promise of respect for the ideas of those we disagree with.  This doesn’t signify that you embrace their philosophy of life, yet you agree with their rights to embrace their own uniqueness.

Lady Gaga says, that we’re all in small groups hating other small groups, and this needs to stop. We need to treat each other with kindness, and I believe we need to treat each other with true tolerance.

So the question is, “who can I be kind to, today?” Or more importantly, “who can I be kind to, that I completely disagree with?”

Stamp Geek Strikes Again


I love and adore postcards, and I also must admit, I’m a stamp geek. I know stamps aren’t exactly art, but in my mind they have a unique category in art (also in history) all their own.
My OCD wants me to write about every stamp in existence, and if they find a serum that makes us live forever, I could do that. For now, I will just write about them in a more moderate approach.

In 1901, six stamps were issued in a commemorative set observing the first day of the Pan-American Exposition, which was the name of the World’s Fair, set in New York.
The fair and the stamps celebrated some of the cool innovations invented in America, old and new, at that time.

The six inventions revered in the set are:
*The Train (the empire state express)
*A Lake Steamer (The City of Alpena)
*A Steamship (St. Paul passenger ship)
*The Electric Automobile
*Bridges (Honeymoon bridge at Niagara Falls)
*Canals (Canal locks at Sault Ste. Marie)

Today, not many people would get that excited about canal locks or steamships, but at the time, this was engineering at it’s finest. Though, it’s funny that the electric automobile has made a comeback after 116 years.

He looks as if he never smiled a day in his life.

One more item about the fair, our 25th president, William McKinley, was shot five days later giving a speech on the grounds and soon died. Teddy Roosevelt became our 26th president and the rest is history.

I was sad to find out he shot an elephant, since the teddy bear is named after him for not shooting a chained bear.


What Creature of the Night Lives in This Abyss?


The tree in the picture, sits in the middle of the space designated for my dog’s daily discards (along with the bags to pick up those pesky dropping).  While there, I often muse on what lives in this hole at the bottom of the tree–my imagination dreams of copious numbers of creatures.

Sometimes, I’m forced to visit the tree in the middle of the night, by repetitive whining and barking from Dodger (my dog). While I’m there, my thoughts run rampant as the lateness of the hour brings forth my imagination of evil beings that dwell in this darkness.
Snakes with evil faces, little trolls, malicious dolls, goblins, ghouls and now I have the “upside down” to feed my uneasiness.

My favorite being is an ancient, grouchy gnome, who doesn’t care for other animals, beasts or humans, and never desires a visitor. There’s not a heart of gold beating in his minute chest, but he wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone or scare them for his own amusement. He mainly wants to watch his TV shows (the bachelor is his favorite), eat tuberous roots and generally left undisturbed.
If I squint my eyes tenaciously, I can detect a wee door deep inside the crevasse. There’s a go away mat near the entrance, and an obscure mailbox that reads, “Trumwold,”

In truth, my dog would bark insanely at the slightest hint of movement, so I’m assuming I’m safe, for now.


The Sky, Space and Beyond



I love taking pictures of the sky, and the pictures are perfect when clouds are present. Clouds are such cheap entertainment, and I’ve spent many an day just wasting the hours away watching clouds float by.

The night sky is just as lovely–covered in twinkling stars instead of clouds. I love to stand alone looking into the heavens and seeing how massive our little part of the galaxy is, and how massive all the galaxies are that make up or universe.

There are two trillion galaxies (though some sites state ten) in our universe with 100 million (give or take, our galaxy has 100 thousand million) stars in each of those galaxies. So all in all we are just a grain of sand on the beach of the universe.

While I stand and look at the night sky all alone, I feel small, smaller than an ant, and I love this delicious feeling when my smallness verges onto nothingness. At this point, all my troubles fade away, because in the big picture they’re meaningless and lose their power, and for a few short minutes they disappear from view.


Police Wanted to Search My Car


About a month ago, two of my daughters were closing at work and I drove over to give them a ride home. During the summer, Sonic closes at twelve, but they were late finishing, and we left the restaurant at one.

We proceeded to 7-11, and  I noticed a police car parked in the next space over while another one drove into the parking lot. I had no idea I was their target until I noticed flashing lights after I left.

They took the regular info, and asked me to move to the back of my car to talk to them, and at that point they asked to search my car.

I believe in my rights as a U.S. citizen to say no to a search unless there is a warrant present. I read an article about what to say in a situation such as this, and I told them NO!

I spoke with respect and courtesy, explaining  I had an excessive amount of esteem for the police, and I wasn’t trying to be difficult, but I believed in my rights and I would not grant any right to search my car.

They appeared a little surprised, but continued to ask if there was anything illegal in the car such as guns, bombs or drugs. I almost laughed at the thought of myself carrying around bombs or anything illegal, and I assured them that we were just heading home.
They stated the reason for pulling  me over was my tail light was out and said to correct the problem expeditiously, and I was free to go.

My daughter’s boyfriend was in the car, and he looks a little gruff to some people, since he has a beard and long hair, yet he is such an amiable human being. Perhaps, they assumed he was a criminal hiding in my back seat. It’s the only theory I have besides the assumption that crime was low that night and they were bored.


I felt as if I was in an episode of Cops, so it was a little exciting, and the officers came to the right conclusion since the law was on my side. Of course, if they decided to search my car I wouldn’t have tried to stop them, but I was going to get a lawyer and sue.

I wish cops all over the world would act in this manner. They forget that it’s never their job to punish, since this is the job for the court system. It’s never their job to bring harm to others unless that someone is hurting others (including themselves). It’s never their job to abuse their power, and those who do should be dealt with swiftly. For the most part, I am grateful they are there to serve and I believe most really have the public’s best interest at heart.



Art + Music = Happiness

The happiness the title alludes to is mine. I love art and music, consequently I aspire to put together videos featuring both crafts on YouTube.  There are a few others who compose videos, and they’re the actual experts since several have thousands of views. My video featured in this blog has 15, and that has been since July.

I attempt to integrate each painting with a strong beat, yet somehow it doesn’t always work in the finished product, as the pictures abruptly appear at the wrong time. I will continue, even if I’m the only person who appreciates the beauty I’m trying to create from the genius of great artists.